Lost Little Boy  By  'Dante'

I was born from love just like you,
My mother raised me with morals from above.
I play with my friends,
Like every child I knew.
When I am older I dream of Love,
Like every little boy should.
But I am not allowed on the bus,
Or in the school with everyone else.
They say it is my skin,
That I am incapable of love.
But my blood runs red like yours,
See how I bleed from my wounds.
How ridiculous it seems,
That God loves you more than me.

Copyright Protected (c) 2009


Inspired To Be By 'Dante'

Inspired to be a higher you,
Is what inspires me to write.
The endless possibilities are driven by your tears, fears, and wants in life
Your smile is like the warmth of stars from other galaxies
You were the best idea that ever dawned on me, a subliminal question asked to me.
Wonder, what do you taste like?
Maybe, like colorful words I uniIulate.
Daughter's eyes being the iridescences of innocence,
The colorful spectrum of love un-abandoned.
Marveling at what transpired.
You are a song with no words, just a melody I savor,
Your thoughts are poetry in motion.
Your breath was the catalyst of the cosmos
The swirl of your radiance tongue-kissed the heavens
Precipitating love in the form of amethysts crystallized.
Call you my sweet purple rain.
You are my abstract canvas a mantle Masterpiece,
That those thought to ponder over.
An intricate ballad that was mastered by ageless thoughts
Slowly resonate what Muse has inclined upon us.

Copyright Protected (c) 2009

When I Wake Up By 'Dante'

Obnoxious as it is,
I'll think about it when I wake.
The laughter, the touches, the gentle caring and non-intrusive well beings checks.
I miss it.
My heart hurts,
I miss the love when I wake up.
I don’t want to wake up.
Its time to accept, no regrets, not forgotten, but admit.
Its time to wake up.
The sun is so bright,
I forgot what it felt like on my face.
I forgot what life felt like before this mourning.
I forgot what the day before I met her tasted like,
I have woken to a new palette of wishes.
Wishes of early morning rise,
With smiles instead of swollen eyes,
Wishes to love, love all over again,
When I wake up.

Copyright Protected (c) 2009

Fallen Tears By 'Dante'

I keep fallen,
I keep bleeding in love,
Down this black hole called life.
Stumbling through obstacles but never moving on
Battered, scratched and bruised,
I can’t seem to move on.
He sees the tears fallen down my face, he says, “here is a knife you know what to do with it”.
Why can’t he see past his own reflection?
I stay up in the still of the night trying to escape.
Each morning when he leaves I cry,
Cry until my eye turns red,
Hoping there is somebody who will rescue me.
Friends and family try to help,
But he cuts them off and forbids any communication.
He says you need to be trained,
I want to leave but scared to make the move.I’m afraid of what he would do.
Time passes by and I’m still miserable.
Now I realize what I have to do, SAY GOODBYE AND NEVER LOOK BACK.

Copyright Protected (C)2009

You're The More By 'Dante'

You're the more, I'm loving!
You're the more, I'm needing!
I'm remembering how it felt for you to hold me,
In my dreams...
The warmth of your embrace-
The endless love that you gave me-
The never-ending strength you shared-
The longing to belong as yours-
You're the more, I'm desiring...
You're the more, I'm wanting...
I'm remembering how it felt for you to kiss me, in my dreams...
The hunger of our need-
The continuous passion-
The taste of desire-
The want you brought out in me-
You're the more, I've been searching for!
You're the more, I've been waiting for!

Copyright Protected (c) 2009

Pilgrimage By 'Dante'

My words are beautiful,
Ethiopian complexion,
With the deepness of forests of the Congo.
At philosophical angles,
I peered into psychology.
A psychoanalyst of geographic vernacular.
Droplets into oversized sockets,
Electrify minds from brainstorms,
The diction-tears of lightening-fast thoughts.
I forgot to remember,
I was looking to be blinded.
Prayed for the well-being of the evil.
The blank answers of rhetorical questions,
Love the presence of my dumb intelligence,
As I pilgrimage on the plains of life clueless.

Copyright Protected (c) 2009

Hold Me Close By 'Dante'


In the night that flickers by,
The light of the flame that trickles,
Arms strong wrapped around me,
Soft lips firm with mine,
Gently kissing me,
October rush through Halloween,
December close and near,
Morning light comes flying by,
The darkness of the candle that drips,
In your hand is mine so tightly,
Smoothly stroke my hair through your fingers,
January passes through New Years Eve.
February coming with Valentines Day,
So hold me close my love.

Copyright Protected (c) 2009


The Seeing Eyes By 'Dante'


Patiently waiting for patience,
Bridge gaps between flesh and spirit with penitence,
Pray for a prayer that could shake the concrete,
Mystically shadowing a hardened heart,
Relinquishing light on all its darkest parts,
Clasped hands; Said grace graciously,
Beads of my concentrated perspiration ran from my crown to my temple to my shaking chin
(I have not moved, an objective, a subject)
Tarry from where expectations and imagination clashed,
Temperance touched and agitation flashed,
These pictures painted vividly,
Mysteries miraculously revealed to me, then
Charity exposed it to ideal Chivalry.
He tongue-kissed soft tulips,
And you were what bloomed with,
The free breeze that moved through his tunic.
The monocle used to peruse this-Young bones call it the all-seeing eye
Your smoothness coincides with lost noise, fading in the distance.
Fading, falling, erasing,

In the distance.

Copyright Protected (c) 2009


Love Story By 'Dante'


Baby this is plain insanity,
You're not getting what I'm trying to say,
But you're not really listening,
I need you to teach me...

About this love story,
You're saying I'm your world,
Be careful with what you wish for,
It's not like learning ABC'S or 123's,
You need to wait till the time is right,
It's simple yet painful...

There's always another spot,
Always to become infected with pain,
I don't want a loser in foil,
But I don’t want a princess in shining sliver too,
You need to learn to be you,
Now do you understand what I'm saying,
I will always love you for you baby...

Copyright Protected (c) 2009


Love Affairs By 'Dante'


I keep writing these disjointed words and phrases that make sense in my head
My carousel ride, mind of cracked glass run away
Why don’t they just say what I mean?
Glittering shards meant to be plucked and placed and loved into a whole.
That’s not what I mean.
I mean more, a running river of sparkling sand, whirling in the wind and shining in the stars, in my eyes, in my heart.
String a star, light a lamp
Hear what I mean and not what I say.
I’ll try again: I love you forever.


Copyright Protected (c) 2009



Body of Love By 'Dante'


I don't think she understands.
That I love her as my woman.
Wouldn't want to see her with anyone else.
Just want to see her with myself.
Couldn't control my feelings if I wanted to.
Because I'm caught up in loving you.
I know she loves me and if said other wise.
I know that it will all be bodies of lies.
Nothing could tare us apart. We've been through it all seen a lot.
With love that comes from who knows where. If you asked me if I'm in love. I'll tell you yes, I'm totally there.


Copyright Protected (c) 2009



Wishful Thinking By 'Dante'


There comes a time where
we're faced with a decision
truth is
our love can't survive
the lives that we are living
we have pretty much said it all
and real talk
everything that my mouth
has spoken is real talk
but I've gone from a man with plan
to a man that has been dealt
what most consider
an unfair hand
I was down for the journey
but we sailed, and our ship started sinking
and I'm sorry but what we had
is merely wishful thinking.


Copyright Protected (c) 2009


Thought Spoken By 'Dante'


Nocturnal creation of many unknown thoughts,

Victory over misery at any cost was once taught,

I grew up on my own tough situations much pressure,

I stepped outside of myself on many occasions as the aggressor.

I accept things as they come, won’t even flinch for the worst.


Am I strong or am I wrong because I can’t shed a tear?

Or just a man who’s been scared too many times to even care,

Whatever truth I come up with I have to live with till the end.

I will be a father to my kids and for their lives I will defend.

I will be a man of honor with love and respect for my woman.

I have to heal all of my wounds from the darkness that once occurred.

My poetry is a start to express my THOUGHT IN SPOKEN.


Copyright Protected (c) 2009


Remain Unseen By 'Dante'


Come here let me hold you and inhale your breath
Touch you on your soft spot to redirect your stress
Have a convo with your mind without moving your lips
Caress your thighs from the top and start massaging your hips
I might whisper in your ear and start to lick on your spot
Let me stop before you really start to like it alot
But anyway lets go and take a little walk on the sand
Lets walk in that direction while you're holding my hand
Lets reminisce about the very first days that we had
Fun in the sun and washing off the sand with a bath
My life is beautiful I'm glad it's you I discovered
We hold each other real tight and always trying to smother
Release you from my life nah I could never do that
Our hearts massaging one another while we're living in fact
I love to kiss you on your face and feel your temperature rise
After I eat a main course you are my sweet surprise
I hope this feeling never ends I feel I’m stuck in a dream
I go to sleep and wake up laying next to my queen
Baby please lets keep this going I don't want you to leave.



Copyright Protected (c) 2009



Do You Remember By 'Dante'


Do you remember, where you held my hand last night,
Where you stole my heart.
Do you recall the words you spoke, the locks you broke?
Do you ever think about that first kiss, on my bed,
When you up so high.
Do you ever remember-How sacred I was,
Until you held on very tight,
Then you calm my throbbing head.
Do you recall that fateful day,
When we ran from the pouring rain,
You held my hand,

Pulled me close,
Kissed my soul, then let me go.
Do you ever wonder about that one day, where everything changed?
You gave me the gift of love.
Now I only wish if you could remember and don’t walk away from what we have and shared.


Copyright Protected (c) 2009



Rejection By 'Dante'

Rejection stings, Rejection hurts,
Rejection causes feelings of anger,
Lack of self worth!
Why have you rejected me?
Why don't you explain?
You do not know my pain?
My heart?
My life’s struggles?
Yet fear within your heart
Judges rejects me!
You do not know
My life journey,
My heart!
I yours
For that fact!
There is only one who knows,
Each heart, life, fear, soul journey,
Creator of all life forms
Who I surrender my all,
Your rejection,
Has caused me pain
But then, yet again,
Even though
I AM again misunderstood?!
The loss is great for your soul,
Unless you go within
The only one who knows
Each life, heart, soul, pain, fear,
From the start,
Within each heart.
Why have you
Rejected me again?!


Copyright Protected (c) 2009



Loving Anew By 'Dante'


Does love ever fade away,
Can you find it in someone else
After you're gone
Does a new life begin
Loving you was so easy for me
Now I try to give it to someone new
Someone who truly loves me, for me
I know one cannot force feelings that aren't really there
But I try day after day
How do I know what is truly, true
What am I hiding from you
Is it you
I have a wonderful woman, who loves me today
And a wonderful woman, who loved me yesterday
I let go, and you still linger on
I start anew, not knowing which way to go
As I begin to share my time,
and hoping to start something new
I leave behind, you
We had a lovely time
That beautiful night
some dinner, a glass of wine
We danced the night away
and at the end
She whisper " goodnight "
Kissed me softly on my lips
My eyes began to tear
In my heart I said
Goodbye to you
And hello to someone new.


Copyright Protected (c) 2009





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