The Dream is to work with all of Africa's youth and take them beyond the despair by fulfilling our dreams. My heart bleeds in pain for my generation as many of them are torn apart by war, depression and psychologically traumatised. They need help; they need to be given hope and life again. It’s my hearts desire to see the emancipation of our youth to glory, to a place of self-realisation and purpose, to a place of destiny and fulfilment in life. It is my desire for us to be free again, free in our minds, free from mental slavery, free from injustices and racisms, free to speak out, free to follow to our passion .It is our passions to leave a positive legacy for the upcoming generation .I call on ALL OF YOU out there to help wherever necessary in this journey of hope for our youth in Africa and around the world, SO THAT THEY MAY HAVE THE POSSIBILITY OF A FUTURE THAT EXCLUDES POVERTY.

Our Vision:
A people of self-love, self-acceptance, self-understanding, self-esteem, character and integrity.
A people of honesty and spirit.
A people that are opposed to corruption.
A people of destiny, purpose and hope for the future.
A people zealous and ready to impact and lay solid foundations for future generations.
A people that will challenge wrong mentalities, traditions, cultures and religious sentiments in the world.
A people that are exploring into the raw and real truth of life.
A people of prayer.
A people of purity and power.
A people that do not comprise their faith and belief’s.
Raising a new breed of people without greed.
A place where we share encounters both personal and otherwise on the issues of life and most importantly diving into our spirituality and knowing the essence of our existence.
A forum where the art of reading is encouraged and developed.
"A place where YOUTH’S are encouraged to occupy and renew their minds spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, emotionally, positively".

A place where we indulge into books that will uplift our lives to a higher realm and enhance our spirituality and walk in the universe.
A forum where a more cordial relationship with YOUTH’S from around the world, our communities and society till we all come to the knowledge of our full spirituality and understand the purpose of our existence in our walk in life.
A place where we could share and help in humanitarians services for the under privileged, the poor, the sick.
A place where we all work together for the good of mankind.

The Mission:
To revolutionalise and reform the minds of our youth for the great work ahead of us. For the harvest is already ripe but the labourers are few. Building a life of character, charisma, esteem, humour and a positive mind built and founded on moral principles. Zealous minds for the winning of souls. To build a life that is spiritually alive in all facets of our humanity. A life that is ready to be built and shot as an arrow into the future in fulfilling destiny. To impact and build a generation by laying solid foundations for future generations to walk upon fulfilling the divine agenda.

Our Calling:
To love the truth, righteousness and justice.
To do all things for the sake of humanity.
To live no longer for ourselves but for our God and generations in selfless service.
To challenge the great darkness of our time and push it back – The power of truth that has been given to us is greater that any lie, we must never again believe our enemies. By the power given to us through God, we must overcome evil with good. To proclaim this truth with our lives is the reason why we are here and and thus the name Youth Alive is going to bring that into fulfillment.

We are alive and we are the generation with hope...
We are the true Spartans of Africa ,If we unite nothing can stop us...
We are the sons and daughter of the motherland
We are lost tales of our forefathers ,they got it wrong and we are alive to make that which is wrong right..
We are the intercessor
We are the ambassadors
We are the breed of faithful sons and daughters without greed...
We are the ALIVE
Alive we are till this dream is manifested in our own very eyes...
We are the YOUTHALIVE....

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