Colours of My Life – Daniel “Dante” Bello’s first book of poetry published by Tamare House Publisher (PTY) UK is a cycle of eventful journeys, monologues and lyrics that celebrates my zest for life, love and humanity in the form of the spoken word.


Many of these poems are real experiences of my life in solitude spaces as I quest for the fulfilment of celebrating life through poetry depicting all my struggles, pains, defeats, victories and triumphs into painting circumstances into words of colours that’s describes my life’s journey.


These words creates a composite portrait of how my life transcends from the war ravage Sierra Leone to the refugee camp in Nigeria and

then South Africa affects my life, perception of self and they show what we have in common as humans, what divides us from self, the pain of losing a mother, separations from family, those we love and those we dislike.


Colours of my life reveals ageless psyche of daily discoveries of myself, exploring love, nature, learning to meet people and part ways to meet and part no more, envisioning how love, spirituality, pains, defeats, war, struggles and memories shapes what it means to be human, as all these experiences are the different colours that makes my life a beautiful soul as I evolve with every passing seconds of my life.


Daniel “Dante” Bello


“I just received your chapbook in the mail, and I must say
I am stunned---your poems hit me like a fist in the gut,
literally knocking the breath out of me. Beautiful! I’ve read
it about six times so far, I can’t put it down. Thank you so
much for such beautiful words.”

Suliatu Bello


“Dante’s poems are memorable, moving, fresh and necessary. The combination of his ear for that voice, his eye for that life, his intrinsic sense of music and the line, the heart wrenching lyric imagery and the rage that ought to fuel it all and does makes his poems sure things.”


Windy Maropene

Stockvel Media

South Africa


"Dante's views the world through a spectrum of colourful insights that will trigger your deepest emotions.Thoughts you are afriad to even think are opened up and laid bear,as you read you will laugh,cry,be enraged and experience divine stillness. Dante truly has a gift with words that transcends every boundry to inspire you,touch you and move you closer to God.Let this book be your guide and companion on your journey through life"

Sophia Bialey

Intuitive Holistic Coach,Columnist and Inspirational speakrer


'Keep writing your great poems man. You are hitting the keys like a symphony by Wagner, Bach, and Mozart. You are one of the few poets I can honestly say I take joy in reading.'

Adrian Brown



Pralene Maharaj

New Zealand.


Dante’s poetry cozes impetuous and spontaneous question of life’s many mysteries. It’s unassuming and guileless, making the reader an active participant in his quest to understand that around him. It’s thought provoking with being controversial and ofcourse like many of his ilk, his love poems are among the best works.


Akhona Cira


South Africa


Dante’s observations are vexatious to the spirit. He asks difficult questions, by so doing stirs, and ignites something special in the hearts of his peers.

If he were a musician he’d top the chart daily, but the message would be lost in the music – remember ‘Tuapc Amaru Shakur? It can only be a deep feeling of love, for All humanity, that can inspire a young man such as himself to walk his chosen path’


Sade Modise

South Africa



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