Dante is a writer and a poet whose poetry verges into the expressionistic. His poems and words truly come alive when spoken. He has just published his first book, which is an anthology of his poems entitled Anthology of  Dante “Colours of My Life” with Tamare House Publishing Pty Ltd UK. 

In his approach to art, he believes in using ‘’nature, life’s encounters and cultural artifacts’’ as a tool for raising ones artistic consciousness, a method he uses both as an educational strategy and as a means to create an awareness of social problems via his poems.

His inspiration and passion comes from life’s experiences, the daily struggle of humanity, love and family.

Nature has been his greatest inspiration and he yearns to see people free in their minds to explore life with possibilities beyond the borders of their creed, clan and cultures.

He hopes to awaken the artistic instinct and consciousness of every facet of society transcending beyond race and color.

His desire is to see a new breed of people without greed in our society, and poetry is the medium he uses to convey that message to all.

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